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Age of Conan Stonerune UI Addon


This is an original skin for AoC, I made it from scratch. I wanted something slim and handy as Corruption was, but with better integration to AoC common design. I stopped making announcement on forums so if you like Stonerune, keep in touch here on Curse only. If you want to promote this UI through forums, enjoy advertising for updates.

Update 1.9.1 (19/09/2010)

  • update : you can now choose how many bag slots you want to display in Inventory. Use AoC UI Installer v3.0.4, click “More Options”, select and install … from Default UI scrolling inventory up to 96 slots on a single page for Jiang Shi Body Bag ;)
  • update : full set of new ingame mouse pointers for dx9 and dx10, same as default ones but brighter. Use with MousePointer Plugin to change Mouse Pointers.

This version has been tested (19/09/2010) and works fine both on Live and Test servers.

Features … scroll down for more \/

  • 50+ hotkeys, all keybindable, small space used
  • 80 more hotkeys with 2×40 extra floating bars (not keybindable)
  • easy installation and layout picking with AoC UI Installer
  • 2 layouts available (3×17 & 2×25)
  • minimap can be top-right (classical) or integrated to bottombar
  • integrated pet command in pet window for all classes
  • versatile inventory displaying as Default UI (scrolling pages) or up to 96 slots bag on a page
  • redesigned horizontal combo sequence indicator (nicely and easily integrated to bottom UI)