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Age of Conan QS.NET Addon


AoC QS.NET autostart when you start Age Of Conan. It is not necessary to start Age of Conan using a special shortcut, button or launcher. Configure AoC QS.NET ones and start Age Of Conan as your used to,it will make sure your customized xml files are up to date before launching Age Of Conan. If you like to have feedback from AoCQS.NET tick Show log file and AoCQS.NET will display the logfile after you exit AgeOfConan.


  • All version from to has a installer bug. To fix this issue install a newer version.
  • The application failed to initialize properly((0x80000003), only for WindowsXP SP3. I can't solve this issue as I don't have WindowsXP so I'm calling for help: Anyone out there that can help me fix this issue ?


  • Plug-in support
  • Boost your FPS
  • DX10/DX9 client support
  • Skip intro video
  • Direct start, without the patcher and with patch version check
  • Update customized Gui Xml
  • Remove bXml cache.
  • Delete shader cache
  • Hide window decorations when running in a window.
  • Any client of Age Of Conan( EU/US/Test-Live)
  • Add command line arguments to Age Of Conan
  • Autostart when you start Age Of Conan.
  • Runtime CPU affinity check