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Age of Conan AOC UI Installer Addon


This small program helps you install several Age Of Conan User Interfaces so you can avoid wasting your gaming time installing them, remember to keep checking this site to get latest version of this installer.

Supported UI's

Version 3.0
Corruption I & II
King UI
Keeper's UI
Dark UI
Plagued 1.7 & 1.8
Inspiration 1.13 & 1.14.1
Mirage 1 & 2
AnarchY UI Reborn
Slate UI

1) Download AOC UI Installer (run as Administator on Vista)
2) Select your downloaded UI (the zip file)
3) Select bar size
4) Install

Check Remove old UI if you want the program to remove old UI files.
Check Show buff timers if you want the program to enable timers in the Corruption UI.
Check Patch XML files to latest version to update the UI version.
Check Install timerbar script to create the timerbar script when installing

The new buff plugin makes it possible for the user to tweak the appearence of buffs and select what kind of buffs that should be visible in each section.

PS. requires .NET Framework 2.0, and you need to download the UI's separate!

Version 3.0 Some bugfixes, added new advanced options for UI modders. Added support for plugins.
Version 2.3 Added the option to patch UI files without installing the UI again